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The truth about credit checks and your credit score


  • Usually when a consumer falls into the debt trap and are regarded as being over committed these consumers try to better their situation by applying for all sorts of credit facilities be it credit cards loans store cards (to purchase food on credit). These credit providers who want to minimise their own risk will do credit checks on your credit profile. If you are blacklisted you will be declined and every time a credit check is done, it has a hugely negative impact on your credit score.


  • Because applying for credit be it vehicle finance, home loans, credit lines or loans results in an inquiry on your credit and lowers your credit score. You should apply only for credit once you are 100% sure you are not blacklisted and are seen as a good credit risk with an expectable credit score and ONLY apply if you need to.


Do not apply for any credit if you are so called blacklisted especially for vehicle finance and home loans. These agents will try and source a loan for you by submitting your application to all major financial institution. All these financial institution will each do an individual credit check and once you get declined it was all in vain and you lost further valuable credit score points.

The benefits of having a good credit report

  • Having a good credit score must be seen as your most priced earthly asset. It can turn dreams into a reality. Having a good credit record means starting that business you always dreamt of by using the banks money to fund it or that dream house in a good area to provide safety and security for you and your family or even that dream job opportunity.Call us today for a credit report to be proud of.

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