It's time for a new approach to home loan approvals.

So, your bond application has been declined? Find out what to do next!

Finance a home that fits your current earnings and potential earnings.

Finance a home that fits your current earnings and potential earnings.

Get all the information you may need to make the right and informed decision.

Get all the information you may need to make the right and informed decision.

Apply for home loans without complications and limitations.

Apply for home loans without complications and limitations.

With the right advice, it will be possible to salvage your home loan plans!

With the right advice, it will be possible to salvage your home loan plans!

Credit Report Updates

Credit Report Updates

See how our expert help can help you secure a home loan, even if you have had an unsuccessful application before.

Get Rid of Bond Rejections Once and For All. 

It's time for an innovative approach to home loan approvals.

You can fulfil your dream of becoming a homeowner in the not-so-distant future when you take advantage of our specialized bureau clearance and credit score improvement services combined with our low prices and impeccable customer service. Moreover, as an added benefit of using our services, we have partnered with Notto SA to offer you even more options for getting your bond approved.

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We have partnered with Notto SA.

Our partner Notto understands that owning a home is important. Therefore, they assist low to low-middle income-earning South Africans to qualify for home loans at affordable interest rates. By becoming a Notto/Credit Salvage member, you can:

1. Apply for home loans without complications and limitations.

2. Finance a home that fits your current earnings and potential earnings.

3. Get all the information you may need to make the right and informed decision.

How to become a Notto member?

1. Download the Notto App

2. Register

3. Upload your proof of rental payment or send a Hello to Whatsapp-0719896268 

6 causes consumers fall into the debt trap Debt counselling Solutions

 It happens all the time that aspiring homeowners do not get approved for a home loan. For whatever reason, there are usually options to help them get approved in the near future.

Refrain from re-applying for a bond right away.

It would be understandable if you rushed out to find an alternative lender but resisting this temptation at all costs is the best course of action, as reapplying so soon after a rejection will never help your situation. It will make things worse as your credit score will take a huge knock from all the credit enquiries. 

Before you think of applying for home loan finance again, it is crucial to understand why your application was declined in the first place. We can assess and help you understand why your application failed and what to do next. 

Low Credit Scores, adverse information, and Enforcement listings. 

 Applying again can have a massive negative impact on your credit report as too many credit enquiries within a short period could raise a red flag to lenders. These unnecessary enquiries will drop credit scores which will affect future applications.

Get in touch with us instead of rushing out to get your bond approved. Your chances of getting your bond approved will increase with an in-depth analysis and assistance from us.

Let us help you.

When you have been rejected for a home loan, you don't want to speak to just any home loan advisor or even the same loan originator, because you need someone who specializes in securing home loan approvals after rejection.

We are experts at converting rejections into approvals, and our process was developed and handpicked based on our clients' needs, circumstances, and reasons for rejections. Our process will significantly increase your bond approval chances.

Why Choose Credit Salvage and Notto for my bond?

Innovative products and services. Through our partnership with Notto, we believe that when you have completed the process you will be able to apply to a lender who is most likely to accept you for bond finance.

Credibility and Trust - Our Credit clearance experts are professionally trained and held accountable to put your goals first. Our competitors typically deal with only one credit bureau. As soon as you contact us, we will handle an unlimited number of updates and removals across all four major credit bureaus.

The professionals at our company provide you with realistic action plans to achieve your goals and will be a trusted advisor to you along the way. You will also have access to your trusted advisor for 6 months after clearance under our aftercare service.

Transparency and Integrity - Our company does not employ any salespeople. We only employ credit clearance specialists that are experts in the credit market and are familiar with the credit laws of South Africa. You can trust our experts to know what is needed to help you attain your goal.

A high level of expertise and professionalism - We use all means necessary to achieve the best results. Our work yields the results you need.

So, your bond application was declined. We can help!

I Need an Assessment
  • I don't know why my bond was declined
  • Get access to a comprehensive investigation
  • * 4 in 1 Credit Report
  • * Credit Score Analysis
  • * Credit Salvage Assessment
  • * Debt to Income calculations
  • * Low price
  • Apply Below
Previously Declined
  • Bond Declined due to:
  • * Low Credit Score
  • * Adverse Accounts
  • * Judgments/ Defaults
  • * Debt Review indicator
  • * Low Price
  • * Monthly repayment Available
  • Apply below
I'm not Blacklisted
  • I am not blacklisted but I am looking for a bond
  • Notto Bonds benefits
  • Apply for home loans without complications and limitations.
  • Finance a home that fits your current earnings and potential earnings.
  • Get all the information you may need to make the right and informed decision.
  • Contact us to find out how to benefit from the Notto service offering

I don't know which option to choose! Complete the form below and we will contact you

Credit Salvage

We'd like to know your situation.

Unsure whether we can help? We at Credit Salvage and Notto understand that everyone has different circumstances, and that's why we work on your credit situation, credit reports, and credit scores to turn a declined application into an approval. Let us know more about your needs by completing the form to the right.

Credit Clearance and blacklisted

Happy with what you see and have read? Where do you go from here?

We understand how stressful it can be to deal with an adverse credit report, which is why we want to make applying for our services as easy as possible.

The fact that you’re reading this now means you have decided to start dealing with your blacklisted bureau listings and are reaching out for help.

If you are happy and ready to proceed with blacklisting removals and credit clearance, please click the link below to apply online. Our team will immediately receive your application and get started right away.


See why all our customers love us and why 96% of our clients rate us as Excellent!

The Perfect Company

I have had the privilege of dealing with Joseph for two months during my longest dark period, of not being able to update and clear my credit profile after settling all my debts. I must say I could actually see the light just from talking to Joseph from time to time, him assuring me that everything would be sorted. Quoting him "don't worry Sisi, we will win this, you will be driving your desired car in no time". That alone gave me hope every time. Even if I felt like it's taking a long cause of my frustrations and sleepless nights, his daily updates gave me hope and today I am a proud owner of a brand-new vehicle, just a day after my profile response came back as updated. I want to say Credit salvage is the best and your staff is awesome with their professionalism and patient. Keep up the good work guys. It's really appreciated. THANK YOU Proud and Happy Client Emelien Joubert

Emelien Joubert

Satisfied customer

They are absolutely the best in the game in my entire existence or experience I’ve never ever received such a great service anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!

100% satisfactory

The gentleman by the name of Sandile Ngulube was very remarkable indeed. His professionalism, efficiency, and competence I believe is exactly what set credit salvage apart from its counter parts I really can’t be more grateful, he took me through the entire frustrating process, and he kept his word within two months all was history BIG ups keep rendering the greatest services that you guys do ???

Themba M

From Zero to Hero in less than 3 Months!!!!!

Good evening, three months ago (including the December & January holiday periods) I was in a position where I was under debt review with a poor credit record and had failed to qualify for a home loan in four consecutive attempts. I came across Quinten and his team and turned to him for assistance. It is now 3 months later, and I have just been approved for the home of my dreams with a 100% bond from one of the major banks. The moral of the story...........Credit Salvage changed my life, and they did it in less than 3 months.

Sanvir Pillay

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